His journey and experience

Albert Karaziwan is the Founder and President of the Semlex group, and is a key figure in many other companies with worldwide success. He is a father of four and an accomplished Brussels-based entrepreneur. Belgium remains the focal point of his real estate empire and the field of biometric identification. This prolific businessman, also at the helm of Matison France, has an affinity for the African continent and has demonstrated this through his charitable work and professional commitments to several of its countries.

Albert Karaziwan is interested in many fields

This Belgian businessman wears many hats and is involved in the biometric passport market, wealth management, and real estate development. He has made a name for himself all over the world. He owns, among others, Matison, a real estate company located in Gard, France. He is also the Director of Profabel and Parcomatic, both experts in new control technologies and management systems maintenance. He also directs Elkaur International, a company specializing in the sale of cosmetics.

His career as a business leader continued

while serving as a member of the Board of Directors for Proginov, a French software publisher specializing in business management solutions. His remarkable participation on the Board of Directors of Optimists Without Borders, a non-profit association advocating optimism and personal and collective enrichment, is of significance. Additionally, his involvement is particularly evident through his close relationship with Comoros, where he travels repeatedly due to Semlex contract to produce official national documents. 



Semlex, a flourishing Belgian company created in 1982, was a turning point in Albert Karaziwan’s career. He is the CEO of this international leader in the development and manufacture of secure biometric identification documents. Through technology called the Biometric Network System (BNS), designed to put an end to identity fraud, this biometric identification system is among the most reliable in the world. Many countries have entrusted it in Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as the United States. Preliminary tests are underway in Australia and New Zealand and they are also likely to implement standardized biometric passports.

Semlex has provided biometric passports to six African nations, including Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and Chad. The Central African Republic and Guinea-Bissau also use them. The Comoros, Madagascar as well as Mozambique are also countries in which the biometric passport came into effect following the company’s successful involvement. Every year Semlex also attends the Interpol General Assembly for the fight against fraud and terrorism.

Semlex’s innovative electronic system identifies fingerprints and facial features. Semlex has implemented a network that centralizes the data identifying every citizen holding an identity document.

The firm is definitely specialized in the creation of biometric passports as well as in the design and manufacture of identification documents such as visas, driver’s licenses and work permits.

Also present in Latin America, Albert Karaziwan and his Semlex group have emerged as the world’s number one manufacturer and distributor of biometric identity documents. It has a single biometric system network that provides highly reliable results to identity document holders. Working hand in hand with the authorities, Semlex strives to provide optimal-quality products that meet all standards. Moreover, Semlex provides its customers with documents containing a real barrier against identity fraud. The risks of identity theft are therefore reduced and the security of the member countries is strengthened.

Official documents that are truly revolutionary, the future is already here with the biometric identity network. The product is cutting-edge and meets the growing demand for anti-fraud solutions. Identification documents tend to be standardized in the rest of the countries around the world. The group should be designated as the producer of biometric documents for each continent. This is actually only the beginning for the BNS system’s resounding success. Albert Karaziwan and his ingenious idea of a biometric passports network propels its positioning a little more every day and reinforces its market dominance.


Semlex made a remarkable entry into Africa where it holds the market in the field of official biometric documents. This businessman has a close relationship with different African nations.

In the Comoros, a favorite destination for the Belgian director where he enjoys his time and gives himself breaks, and commits to rural development. It’s a mission that is very dear to him, thereby growing the relationship he maintains with this country a little more.

Photo plage île de la réunion
Photo des cinq terres en Italie

Enamored with the archipelago’s beauty yet moved by the lack of infrastructure and the precarious conditions in which the citizens live – including shortages in water, electricity, fuel and food – Karaziwan decided to act. The director of the company and his team constructed a water treatment station, for free, a symbolic gesture greatly appreciated by the grateful representatives of the island of Moheli. Giving the residents of Moheli drinking water was a promise for the future; a priceless gift so very appreciated by this African country in need.

On April 14, 2014 a ceremony took place on the island of Moheli, located in the Djanbo region, to inaugurate the facility. Mrs. Hadidja Aboubacar, the First Lady of the Comoros, was in attendance and accompanied by the Governor of Moheli. Other politicians were also present on this unique and happy day for the village of Mlabanda. Mohtar Hamdane, the President of the water management organization, made an appearance, and Albert Karaziwan delivered a speech advocating the values and beliefs he and his company Semlex deeply espouse. The belgian businessman wants to become more involved with the Comoros in the future and to finance funds useful to the population.

Photo plage île de la réunion

Values and Commitments


The people’s security

The native of Aleppo wants, above all, to ensure people are safe, specifically in Africa. He acts to develop and protect agreements between the continents and the governments. Facilitating intra-community relations and helping populations awaiting vital help is one of the Semlex CEO’s commitments. Its contributions to Interpol’s annual general assemblies also have this aim. Preventing identity fraud and increasing security in countries are also Albert Karaziwan’s goals, this man with multiple entrepreneurial talents. And it is through leveraging his skills in biometrics, in large part, that he intends to thwart the risks that could compromise and undermine each citizen’s security.

Belgium and Europe

His field of activity is not limited to Africa. Belgium and Europe are the first beneficiaries of the security measures deployed by the biometric identification network. A fan of new technologies, Albert Karaziwan is a shareholder in Profabel and Parcomatic, companies whose work entails building security and parking security, respectively. The Belgian entrepreneur is passionate about the fields of secure biometric access and secure printing.
Solar energy is another area in which Albert Karaziwan has a particular interest and in which he has invested. For him, tomorrow’s wealth depends on solar energy, which may be a way to help those suffering from a lack of electricity.

The respect of the human being

Supporting others and showing respect for other human beings are values dear to him. Facilitating dialogue between countries, cultures, while focusing on the security of citizens of each continent, these are key for Albert Karaziwan. A man of power whose generosity is expressed through is actions; the water station in Moheli is one such example. This is only the beginning of what the Semlex leader intends to pursue. Aware of the need to help the most deprived, the entrepreneur would like to build bridges and make people communicate. Albert Karaziwan, a talent without borders.