His journey and experience

Founder and Chairman of Semlex Group, Albert Karaziwan is a member of successful international companies. Belgium remains at the center of its activities, both in the real estate sector and in the field of biometric identification. This prolific businessman shows an attachment to the African continent. A particular interest for Africa that he demonstrates through his charitable works, then through his professional commitments to these countries.

Albert Karaziwan supports the Hougoumont Foundation

Passionate about history, Albert Karaziwan wanted to contribute to the restoration project of this historic farm through Semlex, which has joined the donors of the Hougoumont Foundation. The place is open to visits all year round, and is part of the Waterloo Memorial.

The last authentic witness of the Battle of June 18, 1815, this historic farmhouse hosts an unprecedented multimedia installation that tells the story of “battle in battle”: a show that combines respect for memory and innovation.

The Hougoumont Farm was the scene of deadly fighting. Advanced position that protected the right wing of the allies, it is here that the brother of Napoleon triggered the action. What was originally to be a diversionary maneuver became the most violent point of the battle. Throughout the day, the French assaults were terrible and vain. The main building was burned. The house that we see today is actually the old house of the gardener.



Albert Karaziwan founded Semlex Europe in 1992. Over the years, Semlex has become an international leader in the development and production of secure identification documents through biometrics. Semlex has developed the ORBIS Identification and Authentication System, designed to prevent identity frauds. This biometric identification system is among the most reliable existing. Many countries have resorted to it in Europe, America and Africa.

Semlex has provided secure biometric passports for several countries around the world ( Also, every year, Semlex participates in ICAO Symposia that promote international cooperation and aim to strengthen airport security and standardization of aviation regulations and standards. civil. In fact, reliable identity and travel documents play a crucial role in airport security.

Fingerprints are recorded and compared (1: n and 1: 1) by the ORBIS system, which centralizes all the biometric data. Semlex ensures the implementation of the networked system, which centralizes the data related to the identification of each citizen, and thus allows the creation of any identity document. Other biometric identifiers (facial recognition, iris …) can also be used, depending on the client’s choice. The firm is as well specialized in the creation of biometric passports as well as in the design and manufacture of identification documents such as visas, driver’s licenses and work permits.

Globally, Albert Karaziwan and his company Semlex  have emerged as the world’s number one manufacturer and distributor of biometric identity documents. It has a single biometric system network that provides highly reliable results to identity document holders. Working hand in hand with the authorities, Semlex strives to provide optimal-quality documents that meet international standards. Moreover, Semlex provides its customers with documents containing a real barrier against identity fraud. The risks of identity theft are therefore reduced and the security of the member countries is strengthened.

The future is already here with the biometric identification system by Semlex. Called ORBIS for “Organization for Biometric Identification System”, it extends over a wide range of applications: management and centralization of the biometric data of individuals, attribution of a unique identifier for each person (useful when creating any new identity document), management of the list of fraudsters through the information system for passports, national identity cards, drivers license, resident cards … ORBIS is therefore the essential solution for the good management of any modern State.

His commitment for the Comores

The Comoros Islands selected Semlex in 2008 and again in 2018 for the preparation of national documents. A relationship of trust has therefore been established, born of good communication between the country and Semlex, and the smooth running of the proposed solutions.

As it is his favorite destination, where he takes breaks, Albert Karaziwan has also invested in rural development projects in the Comoros.

Photo plage île de la réunion
Photo des cinq terres en Italie

Enamored with the archipelago’s beauty yet moved by the lack of infrastructure and the precarious conditions in which the citizens live – including shortages in water, electricity, fuel and food – Karaziwan decided to act. The director of the company and his team constructed a water treatment station, for free, a symbolic gesture greatly appreciated by the representatives of the island of Moheli. The solutions is also ecologic as is runs on solar power. Giving the residents of Moheli drinking water was a promise for the future; a priceless gift so very appreciated by this African country in need.

On April 14, 2014 a ceremony took place on the island of Moheli, located in the Djanbo region, to inaugurate the facility. Mrs. Hadidja Aboubacar, the First Lady of the Comoros, was in attendance and accompanied by the Governor of Moheli. Other politicians were also present on this unique and happy day for the village of Mlabanda. Mohtar Hamdane, the President of the water management organization, made an appearance, and Albert Karaziwan delivered a speech advocating the values and beliefs he and his company Semlex deeply espouse. The belgian businessman wants to become more involved with the Comoros in the future and to finance funds useful to the population.

Photo plage île de la réunion

Values and Commitments


The people’s security

Albert Karaziwan wants, above all, to ensure people are safe, specifically in Africa. He acts to develop and protect agreements between the continents and the governments. Facilitating intra-community relations and helping populations awaiting vital help is one of the Semlex CEO’s commitments. Its contributions to Interpol’s annual general assemblies also have this aim. Preventing identity fraud and increasing security in countries are also Albert Karaziwan’s goals, this man with multiple entrepreneurial talents. And it is through leveraging his skills in biometrics, in large part, that he intends to thwart the risks that could compromise and undermine each citizen’s security.

Actions for the environnement 

Albert Karaziwan is interested in ecology and therefore aims to reduce the environmental impact of his companies on the planet. This is why Semlex has integrated the ISO quality and environmental policy and thus meets the ISO 27001: 2013 standards. The company on a daily basis, is careful to emit little waste, encourages recycling, and has installed a biological garden on the roofs of its head office. The roofs of the Semlex technical site are equipped with photovoltaic panels to provide the building with solar energy, for an ever more ecological approach, optimizing the energy performance of the offices.

The respect of the human being

Supporting others, respect for the human, are values that are dear to Albert Karaziwan. He encourages exchange and teamwork within his companies. By taking into account everyone’s needs, society achieves both greater returns and more fulfillment. Semlex project managers are thus the guarantors of productive and rewarding teamwork, and ensure that objectives are achieved. Throughout the project, focus meetings are conducted to resolve potential issues and move forward as a team.